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traffiX - a network traffic monitoring tool

traffiX is a .net based network traffic monitoring tool, showing precisely how much is going in and out in your personal computer. It is designed to work calm in the background only showing the current traffic in the SysTray and, if you wish, to show a graphing window, which informs you about your last network activities.


Full overview

Minimal View

Configuration Dialogue



Works on all network interfaces

  • You can select which interfaces you want to track.

traffiX checks periodically for new appearing adapters and activates them.

  • To make sure it gets every bit you transmit, you can enable autostart with the systems boot sequence.

Graphing window

  • Plots your network traffic.
  • Shows average traffic values over time.
  • Self-adapting plot up to Terabytes per second.
  • Time markers.
  • Paints user-definable reference lines for your orientation.
  • Customizable colors and opacity.

Statistics view

  • traffiX gathers your traffic volume.
  • Provides details about your traffic in common periods.



Please note: You need at least the .net Framework 2.0, which is commonly installed on all computers with Windows XP or higher.

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