xVarConfig - the configuration tool
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xVarConfig is a tool that is intended to make game server CVAR configuration easy by providing server admins a graphical interface for that task.
Only the available configuration options are shown to choose from, along with a description and optionally a screenshot to explain what the setting does.

xVarConfig is freeware. That means it can be used free of charge. Also it is not planned to ever change this.


xVarConfig main window  xVarConfig with screenshot window




[Download xVarConfig]

Note: whether you use the stable or beta version, once installed, xVarConfig will automatically update itself, always getting you the newest version.

Beta version

Beta versions are not fully tested to be stable while on the other hand they might contain features or bug fixes the stable version doesn't have yet. Use this if you want to help testing or if you are interested in new feature/bug fixes.

[Download xVarConfig Beta]