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 +====== xVarConfig - easy config variable setup ======
 +xVarConfig is a tool that is intended to make game server CVAR configuration easy by providing server admins a graphical interface for that task. As the syntax for config files can be defined per xVarConfig profile it can also be used for completely different configuration file types.
 +Only the available configuration options are shown to choose from, along with a description and optionally a screenshot to explain what the setting does.
 +xVarConfig and the related tools are freeware. That means they can be used free of charge. Also it is not planned to ever change this.
 +===== Using xVarConfig =====
 +If you are a server admin and want to use xVarConfig to configure a specific plug-in or type of settings you were provided an .xconf file for then you need to do two things:
 +  - Download and install xVarConfig
 +  - Open an xVarConfig settings profile file (file extension .xconf) from your local hard disk or an URL using your browser
 +If you are a plug-in author or otherwise interested in creating an xVarConfig settings profile you will need the author tool xVarConfigAuthor.
 +For more information visit the [[https://​​xVarConfig|Wiki page for xVarConfig]].
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