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 +====== The X-Base ======
 +The X-Base is a collaboration of work made by xOR and Der_Herr. The X has become kind of a corporate identity for these projects (usually programming related stuff) as for the names and logos of these products. It either precedes the project name or is contained in it.
 +===== Being the base =====
 +Being a base the X-Base is the starting point to get some information about each project or to find links to related resources.
 +It is not intended to give in-depth information about each project but a first overview and the right links to find detailed information.
 +====== Shared Resources ======
 +All projects more or less share the same resources. Their respective pages here will directly link to their area within these resources, this page will only give an overview.
 +===== Subversion =====
 +The subversion repositories for each project are at Usually they don't allow anonymous access, you need to get an account from xOR to access them.
 +===== Forums =====
 +The forums can be found at http://​,​ each project has its own sub forum there.
 +===== Wiki =====
 +The X-Base Wiki can be found at https://​ Each project has its own area there.
 +===== Bug tracker =====
 +X-Base projects are using Mantis as bug tracker. It can be found at http://​
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