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 +====== DroPix ======
 +DroPix is a .net based tool for quickpublishing screenshots. It simplifies the process of publishing images from your screen by automating the publishing process. Your work reduces to a first initial command to select the published area and after doing all the work it provides you a link in your PC's Clipboard which you have only to paste to your mates, coworkers or whoever you want to see the image. ​
 +===== How it works =====
 +Dropbox is a often used service for storing, synchronizing,​ sharing and backing up files between several computers e.g. your home and your workplace. If you want to learn more about click here: Dropbox. Dropbox is a often used service for storing, synchronizing,​ sharing and backing up files. If you want to learn more about Dropbox [[http://​​tour|click here]]. Dropbox is required for using DroPix.
 +===== I am interested in DroPix, what do I have to do? =====
 +First, do you already use Dropbox? ​
 +If **no**: Download Dropbox [[http://​​|here]]. Make yourself a bit comfortable,​ the Dropbox website provides every new user with nice information about Dropbox, its uses and advantages. After installing Dropbox you can start using DroPix. Now you are a Dropbox user, continue with yes.
 +If **yes**: Download DroPix here. Unzip it in a desired folder, and double click on the file named DroPix. For further help see the wiki entry.
 +===== Download & Contact =====
 +Download [[http://​​|Dropbox]].
 +Please note: DroPix requires the .net Framework 2.0, which is shipped with at least Windows XP SP 3. It is already integrated in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
 +Download [[http://​​u/​14504922/​|DroPix here]].
 +Check the wiki entry [[https://​​DroPix|here]].
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