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 +====== AMXX Plug-ins ======
 +AMX Mod X (short: AMXX) is a versatile Half-Life metamod plugin which is targetted toward server administration. It has a wide array of scripting capabilities so people can write "​plugins",​ or files which add on to a mod's functionality. Plugins can take form in administrative services (adding new admin commands), statistics generation (StatsX), fun additions (godmode, etc), gameplay changes (WC3, CSDM), and much, much more!
 +This is the section for AMX Mod X plugins written by xOR. Select a specific plugin from the sub menu to get more information on it.
 +===== Plug-in overview =====
 +==== xREDIRECT ====
 +xREDIRECT is an AMX Mod X plugin that can redirect players between game servers based on the Half-Life engine. Redirections can be manually triggered by players or administrators as well as automatically executed.
 +==== xLoadCountdown ====
 +Depending on the used mod a Half-Life server will end the current map and wait some time until it starts loading the next map. Usually players can view the scoreboard while this time. The time period a server waits is configurable and can be different on every server while players have no way of knowing when the loading of the next map will finally start.
 +xLoadCountdown is an AMX Mod X plugin that closes this gap by showing a countdown during this time period until the map loading will start.
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